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Author: Matt

How To Rekindle Passion In Your Intimate Relationship

The best feeling in this world is to be in love and be loved in return. Love seems to be one of the most complicated feelings that people doesn’t  seem to stop chasing.

rekindle relationshipBeing in love is one of the happiest feeling phenomenon that a person may enjoy. It brings joy beyond comparison or tears without ceasing. One of the basic elements of being in love is being passionate in your intimate relationship. Passion or being passionate means that you have a strong “liking” towards your partner in both romantic and sexual way.

But what if you are not that “passionate” anymore?  What if you somehow “lost that loving feeling” though you know you’re still in love with the person,  what would you do?  Would you try to ignite the fire again and save your relationship? If your answer is “Yes”,  then let us help you figure out your possible moves to rekindle your passion towards your intimate relationship that seemed to dwindled through circumstances.

 How to be passionately in love again

 #1. Look at the bright side

No matter how bad the situation may seem to be, don’t worry, it will change. Always try to look at the brighter side and reminisce the times when the relationship is young where you are so in love with each other.  Have faith that it will turn back to that time when everything seems to be perfect once again. This will help you reignite your apathy towards your partner and as well as to be passionate again.

The loss of passion in a relationship is usually an aftermath of whatever happens within the past years. That is why if you start to look back into where you all started, before love was some lost, then you will also ignite and retrieve your passion for the person you once loved so much.

#2. Trust

This is something hard to do, but this helps a lot. Trying to trust the person once again will help you avoid being angry for no valid reason,  as well as it will be of aid to your peace of mind.

We do not deny the fact that your doubts have some “groundings”, but for once, be rational, you’re still there in that relationship because deep inside you, you know what you have is something precious that you can’t just throw it away. So give the other person a slack,  and trust him.

#3. Be Good and Avoid Too Much Familiarity

Do you know why we sometimes act “rude” in front of our partners, but we know we can’t do it in front of other people?  That is because we are too familiar with the person, especially if it has been a long term relationship, that it seems everything (even our bad sides) are permissible and understandable. This kind of attitude should be avoided, not only for you but more for your partner. Nagging will never give you what you want, so you should start dealing your issues like adults and talk “appropriately” with the other person.  Respect is something an integral part of any relationship.

The law of familiarity is what kills most relationship. As Tony Robbins explained at Date With Destiny seminar*, when we have been around something long enough, we tend to take it a little bit for granted. This goes the same for relationship. So stop taking your partner for granted and start appreciating every little thing that they do for you like in the begining of your relationship.

Avoiding too much familiarity in both sides will guide towards living together in peace by avoiding unnecessary brawling. Reigniting your love and passion to the person you love is easier to be realized in a calm, peaceful and mature environment.

#4. Continue Dating Your Partner

This is very important. No one beats spending time together with your partner. This will remind you of your happy memories as well as to open an avenue inventing out and discussing the things which made your passion for each other dwindle.

Dating should always be part of your relationship. Spend time together as much as possible,  regardless of the circumstances that you have,  because this will let you realize that what you have and who you have matters a lot in your life.

*Learn more about Tony Robbins events here

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